EPDM rubber seals

EPDM rubber seals are widely used in various industries and applications for their excellent properties. Here are some specific details about EPDM rubber seals: **1. Composition:** - **Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM):** EPDM is a synthetic rubber compound known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors. **2. Key Properties:** - **Weather Resistance:** EPDM rubber seals are highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, and ozone exposure, making them suitable for outdoor applications. - **Temperature Resistance:** EPDM can withstand a broad temperature range, from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F), making it suitable for both hot and cold environments. - **Chemical Resistance:** EPDM exhibits good resistance to various chemicals, acids, and alkalis. - **Water Resistance:** EPDM is impermeable to water, providing effective sealing against moisture. - **Flexibility and Elasticity:** EPDM rubber is flexible and elastic, allowing it t

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